Week 5

In Class:
-Assignment 2 story pitch
Audio gathering and editing review (bring recorders and headphones)
-Tips for Interviewing
-Website Workflow

-Quiz 2 on Thursday, October 4
It will cover:
-Read Kobre Chap 2 – Finding and Evaluating a Story and browse http://www.kobreguide.com/content/videojournalism#chap2
-Read Kobre Chap 3 – Successful Story Topics and browse http://www.kobreguide.com/content/videojournalism#chap3
-Read Kobre Chap 8 – Recording Sound and http://www.kobreguide.com/content/videojournalism#chap8
-Read Kobre Chap 11 – Conducting an Interview and browse http://www.kobreguide.com/content/videojournalism#chap11

-Work on Assignment 2: Audio/Text/Photo (Due Tuesday, Oct 9)

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