Chapter 2 Review – Finding and Evaluating a Story

Tips for the Art of Story Hunting

1. From news stories
Example: John “House” Taylor, the 6′ 11″, 500 lb football player
CBS21 (Aug 23, 2012) to Yahoo Sports, Deadspin, SBNation, etc to New York Times (Sept. 6, 2012)

Here are some local South Jersey news sources to start with… Southern New Jersey
Courier Post
Gloucester County Times
Daily Journal
Press of Atlantic City
NewsWorks New Jersey
South Jersey Magazine
NJ Spotlight
Jersey Bites
Jersey Arts
NJ Arts News
Weird New Jersey

2. Social Media (start following Facebook/Twitter accounts in the area)
LA Times ICU series from Craig’s List missed connections

3. Events/Bulletin Boards/Off hand comments
Visiting a homeless shelter lead to a story about a homeless soccer team
Scott Strazzante’s blog

4. Cross the tracks…”do one thing that makes you uncomfortable”
Going to a church led to a 10-part series on the elderly
Beth Macy’s beat note on family beat

5. Localize Large Issues
NPR health care stories

6. Go somewhere, explore, pay attention, keep a journal
Richard Koci Hernadez and his street photography

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