Assignment I: Multimedia Beat Note

Due Thursday, September 20 in class
Worth 5 points (No late work accepted)

Go to Route 47. Spend some time. Explore. Take photos. Talk to some people. Start coming up with some story ideas or ways to approach the semester’s topic.

Specific requirements:

1. Take 20 photos on Route 47 (worth 1 point)
Aim to get:
-five wide angle shots
-five medium shots
-five close ups
-five extreme close ups

2. Interview three people (3 points)
Go somewhere on Route 47 and find some people to talk to. Introduce yourself. Explain the class project. Ask the person who they are and what they do. Have them describe their job or life. Ask if they have ideas for something in the area that would make an interesting story. Take notes. Get full names. Take a photo of each.

For each person, get:
-Full name, age, occupation, and exact location (address if possible)

3. Three story ideas (worth 1 point)
Your story ideas can come from research, other news stories, social media, flyers, bulletin boards, events, things you overhear, a way to localize a national story, or something about the past.

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