Chapter 16 Takeaways

Kobre Chapter 16 – Marketing a Story

-Get the story
-Shoot first, sell later
-Solid journalism, audience interest…but yes, sexy sells
-$ for multimedia work is not great
-Each publication is different and has different needs
-Also think of non-news outlets like institutions, foundations, NGOs, universities, etc.
-Pitch story and format that is right for a particular website
-Between 2 – 3 minutes is standard for video/multimedia (longer or shorter and you lose audience)
-Raw, rough or polished?
-Multimedia journalists are creating their own production companies (see Talking Eyes Media, MediaStorm, and Bob Sacha)
-Sometimes it’s OK to give it away – citizen journalism or self-published sites. It builds portfolio and might open doors in the future.

Example to watch:
Marathon Woman

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