Group Video Project Pitch

In the comment section below, write out a clear, concise and persuasive story pitch. Make sure it includes:

It’s an interesting story because….

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6 Responses to Group Video Project Pitch

  1. Waldy says:

    We are going to go to the Delsea Drive In in Vineland, NJ. We want to do a generational video, so we’ll interview older viewers, younger viewers, and middle age viewers. We want to do a generational compare and contrast between movies now and then. It is the only drive in left in New Jersey. It’s an interesting story because the first drive in was created in NJ, and this is the only one left. It is also run by a doctor and his wife. If we can’t get the generational angle, we want to figure out why this doctor is running a drive in. The drive in is a friendly place that shows 2 movies for the price of one movie in theaters. It also shows current movies.

  2. Shannon says:

    Shannon & Austin
    Wheaton Arts fellowships- They’re three months long. They live in Millville during their time at Wheaton, rent free living, stipened and studio access. They’re required to work 12 hours a week and donate a piece to the collection.

    Backup: A 10k Mud Run–8 days from today March 31. At Camp Ockanickon (i hate Austin).

  3. writer45 says:

    Two brothers from South Jersey run The Warrior Lab, which is a training gym for people who want to either do parkour or something like Ninja Warrior.

    It is interesting because these two brothers are training to compete on the gameshow “American Ninja” in which you have to survive an obstacle course. This is different from the popular movement Parkour because these people are competing for money on a difficult obstacle course and would be really interesting for video, especially the whole training process. It’s also interesting because our video would focus on training and a lot of people focus on the end result, but they never see all the hard work that goes into it.

    – Rachel and Lauren

  4. Teresa, Will, Jenn says:

    What: Zumba Class at Top Dog Club/Bar
    Who: Dara Gelber Renee Patruskey
    Where: Top Dog Club/Bar Cherry Hill
    Why: They are traveling Zumba instructors who keep trying to find different and interesting places to hold their class to get more people into fitness through the aerobics dance that is Zumba.
    It’s an interesting story because going to a bar or club for an aerobics class is not something that happens often. Also the story of the instructors being able to focus on their weight loss through Zumba is a powerful story of strength and will power. They want to spread the word of “One Love, Peace and Zumba.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What? KONY internet craze that is sweeping across college campuses.
    Who? We are going to be interviewing the students of Rowan University to get their opinion on the debate. How much do they really know?
    Where? We are going to be asking the students around campus. Anyone who has an icon of KONY for their profile picture, anyone who has blogged about it, anyone who has shown support for catching KONY is the subject of our project.
    Why? We want to find out how much people actually know about KONY. The internet craze swept the nation within a week, recently Russel, the activist responsible for the KONY event has been caught masterbating in public. Do students really care or are they following the trend.
    It’s an interesting story because….it is shocking how the internet effects how people so much. I too watched the video and it did effect me. I cried and I was late to what I was trying to get to, but I do not know much more than what was published in that video. This could be the same for many other people. This craze started and picked up support in a short of time, but how well do people actually know the issue?

    -Krista & John

  6. Anonymous says:

    (WHAT) The extreme dedication, time and efforts that often go underlooked and underappreciated by those who work in the pornographic industry, such as…
    (WHO/WHERE) pornographic-business and film owners and producers, “Kyla Turner,” 23 and her boyfriend Drew, 27 from Audobon, N.J.
    (Why) Most people have no idea about the benefits and business aspects that come along with the porn industry and instead, often respond negatively to those who work for it.
    (It’s interesting because…) the participation in the porn industry is often a controversial subject, but these individuals show that there is a natural and extreme desire that people have to work in it just as any other film producer and actor would have for non-pornographic films. The time that they put into each film and the time it takes hiring actors and producing the films takes extreme dedication and they still do it every day despite society’s reactions.

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