Final Project

Worth 25 points

Deadlines: Each one must be met for full credit.

Thurs, March 29 – Story pitch due. Submit preliminary research, contacts,  story idea and strategy for how you are going to approach it.

Tues, April 17 – First draft of final project due. Bring rough draft and raw multimedia files (audio, photo, video, etc) to individual conference.

Thurs, April 26 – Final Project Due

Goal: To present a compelling, professional level web feature on the “extreme” South Jersey theme.

You are looking for a story with characters, action, and motivation. You must be able to answer the question: Why is this “extreme?” Why is this story? Why is this a story that should be published now? Why is it compelling and worth sharing online?

You pick the media elements based on the story and what are the most compelling ways to present your story. You can use text, photos, audio, photo essay, audio slide show, video, map, or graphics.

You can work solo or in a team. If you have a team project, find a partner and let me know.

Your final feature should demonstrate what you have learned and skills you have gained in Online Journalism 1 and 2.

Grading Criteria:
-Quality of reporting (Did you go somewhere, meet people, and find a compelling story? All stories must include original reporting and interviews with at least two sources.)
-Quality of text or media
-Quality of editing and presentation
-Appropriate IDs of people. Full names, age, occupation or position, location.
-Strong beginning.
-Strong ending.
-Strength of profile or story. Is there an anecdote? Is there is a moment of reflection? Is this worth publishing and sharing?
-Files submitted in proper format (details TK)

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5 Responses to Final Project

  1. writer45 says:

    Anton Kukal, president of Mystic Realms and LARPer
    Mystic Realms is a theater company based in South Jersey which organizes Live Action Role-Playing games. It has been running since the early 1990’s and has been hosting the Glory of Guildhall Campaign since the early 1990’s, which I will be filming. The event that I will be filming is in Medford, New Jersey. Mystic Realms uses scripts, gaming systems, etc. Mystic Realms games involve as many as 125 people.
    Kukal himself is 41 years old and from Millville, New Jersey. He is an interesting character because he is a former member of the National Guard and a father of three- many times you don’t think about the life outside of the LARPer. His wife is also a LARPer and they actually met while LARPing. They are so dedicated to this that they send their kids to their grandparents house each time they host an event.
    I want to not only focus on the LARPing event, but also the life of the people outside of the LARPing experience. I think there’s something to be said for a character who originally was a member of the National Guard and now LARPs.
    – Rachel Bellamy

  2. Angela Weeks says:

    The South Jersey Renaissance Fair that is scheduled to open on June 2nd mholds practices every weekend at Liberty Park, off of Exit 52 on 295. I have never been to a Renaissance Fair before so I’m not positive what to expect, however, I have been given permission to follow around the owner, John Williams and actor, Phil Leipf to do a video story on the extreme passion and preparation these actors and operators have in performing interactive theater.
    – Angela Weeks

  3. Teresa says:

    My idea is to profile a Beatle Tribute musician. His name is Eric Smith and he is from Cherry Hill, NJ. The group is Beatlemania Now and they perform across the country as well as locally. It will be a mixture of audio, video and photos. With a sidebar of a promotional video I’ve done for the group.

    Depending what he is comfortable doing will dictate the format that I create the project in.

  4. markbg says:

    I like the idea. You job is to capture their act in a way that conveys that to the audience.

    My main question: Are you covering this band – or promoting them? There is a difference.

  5. markbg says:

    I like it. A behind the scenes story about the people who do this – and why they do this could be really fun.

    A few suggestions:
    -Get a lot of action Lots of sights and sounds.
    -Ask why over and over. Of all of the things these people could be doing with their time, why this?

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