More “Extreme SJ” Story Brainstorming

-Think local.
-Think event or activity, not who you know. (No friends or relatives!)
-Think action.
-Think “extremely” unique, unusual, and exceptional.

Here is what I’m looking for in your pitch:

It’s an interesting story because….

Here are some ideas to get you thinking

1. Extreme motorcycles and films about them
Mark Jordan (a former Rowan student) makes films about crazy motorcycle trick riders in South Jersey.

2. Battling extreme pests
Pine beetles killed 7,000 acres of trees in NJ last year. This year the warm winter is expected to make it even worse. Federal grant money is available for towns, counties and private owners to help combat the beetles’ spread. How are people using this money? What are they doing?

3. Extreme recycling into art exhibit

4. Extreme quilting
The Camden County Historical Society hosts a special exhibit of quilts from five generations of mothers and daughters.

5. Extreme movie nostalgia
The first drive in the U.S. movie theater opened in 1933 in New Jersey. Today there is only one left in the state. It’s in Vineland. Their season starts on March 16.

6. Extreme gambling
March is New Jersey Problem Gambling Awareness Month
Start here

7. Bodybuilding Pro Joe Franco is coming to Rowan on Sat, March 24th
He is presenting a workshop for people interested in developing healthy, fit physiques and possibly competing.

8. Revisit your brainstorming ideas from January.

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