Story idea brainstorming

Collectors and Buyers
Computer Gamers
Anime/Role Playing/Star Wars Geeks
Atco Raceway
Cowtown Rodeo
Wing Bowl
School clubs
Eagles Fanatics
Ghost Hunters
Devil Hunters
Gambling Addicts
Polar Bear
Warrior Lab
Pokemon Champ
Shark Tank Sweet 16 Party
Comic Con
Off Season Golfers
Sneaker Heads
Dating (online)
Cat Lady
Jersey Shore
Car Shows
Spoken Word/Rapping
Beer Enthusiasts
Ice kayaking bass fishing
Jumping Rabbits
Graveyard caretakers
Porn maker
Dropping out to make it big
Baby beauty pageants

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6 Responses to Story idea brainstorming

  1. Tesa says:

    Star Wars 3D midnight release (extreme fans)

    Extreme Luck in Jobs

    Hoarders: Collecter conventions

    Extreme hobbies- “Off the Clock”

    Opposite Siblings (Family dynamic)

  2. X says:

    just a few ideas…Paintball, off-roading/mudding, drifting, New Jersey Xtreme, rock climbing, geocaching, rehab.

  3. Shannon says: –NJ Members
    Sled Hockey
    Running –triathlon club
    Indoor waterpark/nightclub Sahara Sands

  4. X says:

    one more…dayglow

  5. Shannon says:

    Sahara SAMS

  6. Krista says:

    if it never shows up
    There is a storm chaser in NJ
    A lady who was on wife swap
    Bridal Expo
    Boat Expo
    A Trick Pool Player

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