Week 5 Assignments

For Thursday, watch three of the following PRO slide shows and three STUDENT slide shows. Then come ready to talk about one from each category.

The Pros:
The Hendrix experience
A grandmother makes a difference
Lindy & Grundy
A show that takes off
LAPD Officer connects with skid row community
A monk’s life

RU Students:
Big game hunter
Secrets of the UFOs
The Sweet Life
Reading the recession
Mexican grocery store is a family tradition
A Civil War moment

Assignment II story pitch due Tuesday, Oct 11

Tutorial 5: Language of the Image  – Due Tuesday, Oct 11
Enroll in this NewsU course on photography and email me the course report when you are finished.

Read “Dining” in Saturday Night. Identify two key “visual moments” and two key quotes that you think are the core of the story. Due Tues, Oct 11.

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