Overview of the NJSouthbound.com Website

The “Our House” website analogy:

Land = Web Host
Address = URL
Foundation = MySQL Database
Structure = Content Management System (WordPress.org)
Style and Décor = WordPress Theme
Amenities and Appliances = Plugins
People who live there = Content
People we invite to the party = Audience

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

-Have wordpress.com in URL
-Dozens of themes to choose from
-Can’t modify style sheets
-Can’t upload audio or video directly
-Can’t upload Flash or JavaScript
-Used by average people
-Used in OJ 1

-Buy your own server space and URL, install WordPress CMS for free
-Thousands of themes
-Can control style, appearance, functionality
-Can upload audio and video
-Can install Flash and JavaScript
-Used by average people and NYTimes.com, People Magazine, CNN, Wired Magazine, etc
-What we are using in OJ2

We will access the website a few ways:

1. Through our server host (Lunarpages.org)
-Create database, install WordPress.org CMS, and add some basic HTML coding

2. Through WordPress.org log-in (NJSouthbound.com/wp-admin)
-This is how most of the content will be uploaded and organized.

3. Through FTP (FileZilla) a way to move large files from computer to the server
-Upload theme, logos, audio slide show files, etc.

Review of basic web coding terms:

HTML – Markup language that controls the structure of a web site

XHTML – A stricter and cleaner version of HTML. Çurrent version.

CSS – Method of formatting text, fonts, colors, and appearance of a web site.

Flash – A web platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages.

HTML5 – Next generation of HTML, which includes new features like embedding audio and video. We need to be attentive to this so that our website will display on iPhones, iPads, etc, that don’t use Flash.

Social Networking
NJSouthbound Facebook Page – (It needs some work). Please “Like” and spread the word

Twitter Account is @njsouthbound – Please “Follow” and RT

You – Most visitors will not come to the site through the homepage. They will come in from links, social networking, search, and your work to promote the site.

NJSouthbound Work Groups

1. Editorial – editing, proof reading, writing site copy

2. Design – visual aspects of the site, theme, logo, etc

3. Tech – supervise posting and back end of the website

4. Social Media/Outreach – manage social media accounts, do outreach and promotion of site

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