Theme for Semester

It seems like you all have arrived at a theme for the semester’s publication.

The Underground Issue: Out of the South Jersey Mainstream

Some early brainstorming for possible stories that might fit this theme:

•    Private circus
•    Road kill workers
•    Quirky local businesses
•    Odd landmarks
•    People who physically work or do things underground
•    Bands, art, performances
•    Hot air balloon that crashed in Deptford (did it really crash?)
•    People who work the night shift
•    Black Sabbath’s first US concert at Rowan on October 30, 1970
•    Unknown sports like roller derby, small time pro wrestling, etc.
•    People who explore abandoned buildings

Please post more ideas in the comments of this post

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4 Responses to Theme for Semester

  1. We could do a piece on the parks and nature centers in South Jersey. Most people view NJ as a dirty place (Camden, turnpike etc.) so we could show them the other side. There’s actually a fish and wildlife management area in Glassboro, and over 20 state parks in South Jers alone. I think this works into the timeless-factor well.

  2. Matt Farrell says:

    • Almonesson
    o Backyard Fairy Garden
    • Atlantic City
    o Chicken Bone Beach
    o Fran Sinatra’s Used Towel, Enshrined
    o Lucy the elephant made out of jellybeans
    o Metal mr. peanut statue
    o Skeleton of the jersey devil
    o Statue of Lenin
    o The steel pier World’s largest Pipe organ
    • Blackwood
    o Nitrogirl Uniroyal gal
    • Buena
    o Musical robots

  3. -Landmark Americana/Ben Franklin
    -Late night WaWa hour stand-in
    -Overnight gas station attendant
    -Small town characters
    -Late night Wal-Mart
    -Overnight campus security
    -Parking lot lady
    -Main street upkeep guy
    -Guy in cafe with picture of wife
    -Older students
    -“The Point” in Atlantic City
    -Informal drive-in
    -Peach farm
    -Back woods hunting
    -Boardwalk cats

  4. 1. haunted places- Gabriel’s Tavern, Atco
    2. Station Ave- Haddon Heights
    3. Pitman off-broadway theatre
    4. Comic book store by Angelos
    5. Amish farmers market
    6. Petting Zoo- alpacas in washington twp.
    7. SJ horses
    8. LARPing
    9. muscle car meet in Sicklerville
    10. Animal shelters in the area
    11. what happens in a shore town in the winter

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