Week 1 Assignments

Order a copy of Saturday Night by Susan Orlean
-You can try to track down an old used hardback version (starting at $3.19)
-Paperback from Amazon ($9.99)
-Paperback from BarnsandNoble.com ($9.79)
-Kindle version ($9.99)
-$15 if you buy it at Rowan bookstore. It’s in the regular section, NOT textbook section.

What is your plan for equipment? Get what you need.

For Thursday, Sept 8
Spend some time looking at the websites below. Pay attention to the themes and how the stories elaborate on each theme. Which theme(s) are you drawn to? What stories are you drawn to? Based on what has been done in the past, come to class on Thursday ready to brainstorm about the class project for the semester.

Look at what OJ2 students have done in the past:
Vol 5: The NJ Symbols Issue
Vol 4: Off the Turnpike
Vol 3: The Real New Jersey
Vol 2: Jersey Jobs
Vol 1: The Diner Issue

Sample what some other online journalism students have done:
Archives of nyc24.org
Unsung New Yorkers
Young and the Wireless
Future of the urban, multicultural youth
While We Sleep

For Tues, Sept 13
Tutorial 1: Quiz to follow
Listen to Rest Stop episode of This American Life. Then watch Ira Glass talk about the elements of storytelling on YouTube.
Part 1 – The Building Blocks of a Story
Part 2 – On Finding Great Stories
Part 3 – On Good Taste
Part 4 – Two Common Pitfalls

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