Welcome to Online Journalism 2

Students will learn to conceptualize, design, and implement a basic web site with emphasis on multimedia content creation and presentation. The course will examine content strategy, editing, and production techniques for sites related to news.

This class uses a hands-on workshop approach to explore online journalism. Students will refine their multimedia skills – integrating text, audio, photographs, and video to produce news stories for an online audience. The class will create an online multimedia publication about New Jersey issues and residents. The class also consists of collaboration with students in the Photojournalism and the On-Camera Field Reporting course.

Prerequisites: News Reporting I and Online Journalism I
Recommended: Photojournalism and Publication Layout and Design

This course is a continuation of Online Journalism I. Each student will become more proficient in her/his interviewing, reporting, writing, editing, and multimedia production skills. Each student will contribute to the tasks of building the student-run online publication http://njsouthbound.com By the end of the semester, each student will also have created multiple web-based packages suitable for internship or job applications.

In this course, students will:

• Learn how to generate story ideas through original reporting.

• Explore the art of interviewing and listening to subjects in a way that allows people to tell their own stories in a vivid and intimate manner.

• Improve skills in multimedia reporting and production including how to tell a story using text, links, photos, audio, video, information graphics, and data visualizations.

• Work together as a class to build an online publication (http://njsouthbound.com) with special attention to journalistic ethics, strategy, design, and interactivity.

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