13 Goals for Group Video Project

1. Keep your shots steady. Use whatever is around you as a tripod. Or check out a tripod.

2. Framing. For the Web, remember the video player is often quite small. Get closer. Think rule of thirds. Keep your composition clean.

3. Avoid pans or zooms. If you use, them use them sparingly.

4. Ask questions that require a sentence to answer. Avoid yes/no questions or two-part questions. Ask questions that evoke feelings, emotions and opinions, not facts.

5. Pay attention to the light. Where is it? Where are the shadows? Where are reflections?

6. Make sure you are getting good sound. Get close to your subject when she is talking. Be aware of background noise that might drown out your audio.

7. Make sure you have an opening and closing shot.  Plan ahead and make sure you have a beginning and end to your story.

8. Gather a variety of shots. See Shot Types Hold each shot for a minimum of 10 seconds.

9. Get more b-roll than you think you will need.

10. When editing, define your story in first 20 seconds.

11. Avoid jump cuts. When editing, don’t put together sequences that make your subject jump from one location to another. For example, Jump Cuts!

12. Focus on one central idea and stick with it.

13. Characters make stories. The better characters, the better your stories will be.

Watch this example. Which aspects does the reporter follow? Which aspects does the reporter miss?

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