Audio Slide Show Story Pitches

Post your audio slide show story pitch in the comments field below. Please include information on person, location, and why you think this is a good story idea. Sell it!

Please post by 1:00 p.m. on Thursday.

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27 Responses to Audio Slide Show Story Pitches

  1. Michelle Brown – My audio slideshow will be mainly centered around the Jersey Devil, from an experts’ experience in leading Jersey Devil Tours and such. I plan on photos capturing Jersey Devil artifacts he owns, pictures f him and the surrounding area he works at.

    If this does not work out well, I plan on possibly doing a story on violets from a florist point of view.

  2. Jodi Kovacs says:

    My idea was to profile a square dancer of NJ. Her name is Joan and she invited me to attend a square dance on Friday night. I’m going to take tons of pictures and interview her afterwards.

  3. Gabe Arnold says:

    It’s not in NJ but in Philadelphia there is the Independence Squares, a Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual and Transgendered square dance club. They have dances on Tuesdays and this coming week the caller is supposed to be the co-chairman of the NJ Square Dance Council.

  4. markbg says:

    My goal was for this assignment to be about “official” state symbols. I plan on letting people move on to some unofficial symbols in future assignments. Any way you can hold the Jersey Devil idea for later?

    Do you have florist in mind?

  5. markbg says:

    Sounds good. I suggest you set up your audio recorder and let it run during the dance. You can use it for sound effects. Take pictures during the dancing. Take pictures of the surroundings and of other dancers. Then interview here before or after in a quiet place.

    Watch this for inspiration

  6. markbg says:

    Sounds fun. So you are going Tuesday night?

    It sounds like your story will focus more on the caller, which is a unique approach.

    You want to get into calling – how does it work, what are the skills, what makes a good caller vs. a bad caller.

    You want to get the sounds of him doing what he does. See my suggestions above for Jodi.

    Interview him in a quiet place so it doesn’t get drowned out by the crowd.

    You might ask about the square dancing scen in NJ vs. Philly.

  7. Brian Woods says:

    Is it OK if I go to this bakery on Delsea and interview the owner. I figure it has something to do with blueberries, since there are blueberry pies and muffins.

  8. Sean says:

    I was going to interview the owner of a local nursery who grows violets. I was going to ask him he goes about growing them and how much they sell and if they use for other things, such as culinary or fragrance items.

  9. Don Woods says:

    Phil Bolger and Don Woods:

    We were going to go to a square dancing thing in Mount Laurel but as a back up we were hoping to find a flag raiser for a VFW to profile and ask him about the flag

  10. Kristen Vaughn says:

    New jersey is called the “Garden State”, so I want to branch off that idea and find some of the most beautiful and green places in South Jersey. I’m going to research state parks or areas where families can go to relax, picnic, and perhaps take place in outdoor activities. This could be used to show the green and friendly side of NJ, rather then it being portrayed by its cities. Id interview people who frequently visit these parks, people who potentially work there, or people who keep up with its cleanliness and functioning. Not sure where I’m going to do yet though, I hope to ask around to people who actually live in the area to get some places.

  11. Don Woods says:

    Don Woods and Phil Bolger:

    We were going to do square dancing in Mount Laurel but we also have a backup.

    We were also planning on doing a profile on a flag raiser or color guard member of a VFW post. Hear his thoughts on the NJ flag

  12. markbg says:

    The best stories are going to have a person who has a strong personal or financial connection to the NJ item. A casual connection might not be enough to hang the story on.

    Go and see if it’s a possibility. It might work. It might not. Depends on the person, the bakery, and if there is anything interesting about how they make their blueberry items — do they even get them from NJ?

    If it doesn’t pan out, I’d look for another idea.

  13. markbg says:

    Sounds like a place to start. A lot depends on the owner and the visuals you can get.

    Check it out and go from there.

  14. markbg says:

    Sounds like we are getting square dancing covered. See my comments above for Jodi and Gabe.

    Someone who has put up a flag everyday for decades might be a place to begin. Again, a strong personal connection will make for a better story than a casual connection.

  15. markbg says:

    Are you and Stephen working together on this?

    For this assignment, I suggest a concrete place and person rather than a conceptual approach. With an audio slide show you are going to tell a focused story with audio and photos in 1 min, 30 seconds.

    Also consider the time of year. Outdoor spaces won’t be lush for another month or so.

    Other ideas?

    Focusing on a specific gardener might be an approach. Watch this and see if it gives you any inspiration

  16. markbg says:

    see my comments above

  17. Kristen Vaughn says:

    Yes we are- we’ve been brainstorming via email and have been struggling ideas. I just watched the slide show you posted and thats probably more of the approach we’ll take, cause your right, I didn’t even consider the time of year. I’ll see if we can find some local farms and maybe find a story from there.

  18. lauren416 says:

    Lauren Briede and Robert Stern:

    A profile piece on one of the captains of the Meerwald ship.

    But if that falls through, an interview with a professor at Rutgers who can talk about the medical benefits for blueberries.

  19. lauren416 says:

    One more thing- the Meerwald isn’t in water right now in case that hinders your opinion.

  20. markbg says:

    Is the Meerwald out of the water for the season? Or for repairs?

    I think we want to get someone to the ship sometime this semester, so if it works out go for it.

    The medical benefits of blueberries is a fun story, but I’m wondering if it will work for an audio slide show. What are the visuals? If there is a lab with a blueberries being fed to mice, then that sounds fun. But professors sitting in their offices don’t make for great photos.

    Let me know how it goes.

  21. Trying to work out a story through someone affiliated with a beekeeping course offered through Rutgers and the NJ Beekeepers Association. Although registration has expired and was limited to 30 students, I’d be looking for anything interesting to cover through him. Or ask for a referral.

  22. michelle brown says:

    I actually found a couple flower farms nearby me that grow violets. I have emailed them but I may give them a call. I just find it awkward to call up and be like ” Hey you got anything interesting about violets?” LOL. But I asked them if they have been in any garden shows using violets or have any interesting violet-lover customers so far.


    Here’s the link. The class doesn’t start till the 18th, so that is not the story.

  24. Kristina Pritchett says:

    As a team, Mat and I plan on profiling a local florist.
    We are going to visit one in Pitman (his name is Bob). We will tke pictures of him working in his floral shop. The interview will be conducting in the shop, and maybe if a customer comes in we can get the interaction.
    If that doesn’t work out we know of a few other floral shops in town we could go and visit.

  25. markbg says:

    This looks like a great idea for the assignment after this one. The weather will be warmer, bees will be out, and the next assignment is video so you could get buzzing, movement, etc.

    Hold on to this one.

    What happened with the woodworkers?

  26. markbg says:

    Sounds like a place to begin. I have three suggestions. Violets. Violets. Violets.

    Good luck.

  27. The woodworkers were a bust. Did an assignment for Photojournalism there instead. Made for decent pictures, but no story.

    The guy I spoke to suggested meeting local beekeepers in the Glassboro area, the state bee inspector in Richland, or talking to a NEWBEE student. Really struggling with this one. Could meet with a student and interview them as to why they’re interested.

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