How to Resize and Save Images for Class Website

1. Duplicate or Make a Copy
2. Open Image in Photoshop (or another program you are using)
3. Rotate, Crop and Color Adjust as needed
4. Set image size and resolution
From Menu select Image>Image Size
Set image resolution to 72 pixels per inch
Resize image (600 width x 450 height is the maximum)
Click “OK”
5. Crop again if you need to get it to the exact size. (To see the exact dimensions, go to Window>Info and see the size in the box.) Adjust as needed. Crop.
6. Save for Web
From Menu select File>Save As
Save as .jpg and “Medium” quality
7. Rename it (ie BerkeyPhoto1.jpg)

Here is a video tutorial covering it step-by-step

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