Story idea brainstorming

See the official list of NJ state symbols

1. Colors – Buff and Blue
2. Nickname – Garden State
3. Motto – Liberty and Prosperity
4. Seal
5. Flag
6. Flower – The Violet
7. Bird – The Eastern Goldfinch
8. Tree – The Red Oak
9. Bug – The Honeybee
10. Animal – The Horse
11. Fish- The Brook Trout
12. Shell – The Knobbed Whelk
13. Ship – The A.J. Meerwald
14. Fruit – The Blueberry
15. Dinosaur – Hadrosaurus foulkii
16. State Dance – Square Dance

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10 Responses to Story idea brainstorming

  1. Brian Woods says:

    9. Honey Bee
    Bee allergy stories
    Bee keepers
    Bee shows look at calendar

    10. Animal-Horse
    Race tracks
    Black Horse Pike
    Cops on horseback are now cops on scooters
    Horse and carriage ride
    Polo clubs- Segway Polo

    11.Fish- The Brook Trout
    Bait store
    Talk to someone who fills the lakes with trout, talk to someone against breeding the trout for sport
    Trout farms- 16 aquatic farms
    Father-son fishing trips
    Why do trout swim upstream?

    12.Shell- The Knobbed Whelk
    Hard pressed to find this in New Jersey
    Story about conches
    Shell collectors
    Food inside the shell
    Shell shops- how much would these cost
    Shell club

  2. Brian Woods says:

    For cops on segway’s to scooters it was switched in 2008 in Newark and Hoboken

  3. Group 2 says:

    5. Flag – Why the colors are buff and blue, narrow on the symbols on the flag and their meanings, historians, history professors, New Jersey State Museum in Trenton, flag store- do people buy/sell state flags? Flag collector, flag raisers.
    6. Flower, Violet – Culinary, medicinal, perfume, floral shop, nurseries, botanists, biology department, restaurants named after the flower, NJ State Nursery.
    7. Bird, American Goldfinch – birdwatchers, State Parks, bird sanctuary, ornithologists, Ornithology professor.
    8. Tree, Red Oak – NJ State Nursery, Longwood Gardens, Restaurants named after the tree, Arborists, biology professors, environmentalists, history and how common they are in the state.

  4. Group one says:

    Colors- What is it?
    – A link between the Revolutionary War
    – Fabric stores, does anyone do anything with these colors?

    Seal – The Indian King Tavern has a lot of historical things about the seal
    – Pierre Eugene du Simitere, designer of the state seal. also helped design USA seal and opened first Museum of Natural History in America.
    – What each part of the symbols mean
    – Linking of the state nickname and the seal

    Motto- Profile on NJ Tea Parties use the motto as one of their mottos
    – Where did it come from? No official story as to its origin. (Explore stories)

    Nickname- Profile on local gardeners
    – Finding the true story of the origin of nickname
    – License plates
    – Find other nicknames for NJ (Ex. New Spain – The king of spain in 1812 fled Spain to live in NJ in Bordentown)

  5. Phil says:

    A.J. Meerwald – for story ideas you can go visit the ship in Long Beach Island and speak to the crew or people who have been on the ship. The ship is open to the public and is fully functional

    Blueberry – New Jersey is home to several blueberry farms where you can pick your own blueberries. There are also vineyards and wineries that specialize in blueberry wine and champagne. (Renault Winery)

    Hadrosaurus – The remains of this dinosaur were found in Haddonfield, NJ. You can visit the dig site and talk to an expert.

    Square Dancing – talk to the square dance council of new jersey. Find someone who owns the official state dance outfit or a tailor who makes it. find someone with the official square dancing license plate.

  6. Samantha Costa says:

    Hey guys,

    HORSES: A lot of places do special things for kids with autism relating to horseback riding, caring for horses, etc. Might be a nice story.

    BEES: I gave John Kirk the heads up that we may need his help – he’s a journalism student at Rowan and a beekeeper. He can put us in touch with any local bee experts we may need.

    SQUARE DANCING: There’s a country bar/restaurant in Mt. Laurel that hosts line dancing (if you want to get into the square dancing topic). The country station 92.5 XTU goes there pretty often, so it’s not some random bleep on the map! (My sister used to go there..ugh.):

    Hope this helps!
    –Sam Costa (TA)

  7. michelle brown says:

    hello class peoples. I noticed today that the nj transit busses have the nj seal symbol on the front side of them. why is it on there? just another idea

  8. Kristin says:

    I did some brainstorming and heres some ideas I had
    Apparently we have a state dinosaur discovered in Haddonfield. We can send reporters out there since its nearby and interview people from the town about it. See how much people know, and stories could arise.
    For the state shell, we can use this to go to beaches around SJ and see if people even knew about it. Interviewing random people who are avid beach goers, maybe find people who collect shells, etc.

    The state bug is a honey bee, so maybe we can visit local beekeepers. Find out what they do, the kind of living they make, why they went into it, etc.

    Also for state trees and flowers, we can go to local parks, hiking areas, etc and possible interview guides. For example by my home town we have the Sourland mountains, where you can contact guides to take you through the area and point out various trees, flowers, marks, animals, bugs, etc. If we could get in contact with people like that it’d make for a good source.

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