Theme ideas: Round 3

1. The H20 Issue – Issues of South Jersey ocean, beaches, rivers, Delaware Bay, wet lands, development, shipping, bridges, fishing, farm irrigation, pollution, recreation, etc. Looking for compelling or surprising stories about the area’s connection to water.

2. The Future of South Jersey – A look at innovation, entrepreneurs, environmental concerns, community efforts to make things better, young people making a difference, or big picture dreams of how things might be.

3. The Symbols of New Jersey – Students would use official NJ state items — state flag, slogan, flower, bird, tree, bug, fish, animal, ship, folk dance, shell, dinosaur, or even famous people like Bruce — as starting point for story ideas. Take a little bit of information, ie the state bug is a honey bee and find the most compelling story they can about NJ honey bees.

4. South Jersey After Dark – Night life, casinos, hunting with spot lights, four wheeling, last remaining drive-in movie, working the night shift, etc.

5. Only in South Jersey – Distinct hobbies, foods, landmarks activities, sites that you can only do in SJ or these things are done in a distinct SJ way.

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