Editing and Turning in Turnpike Video Stories

All projects are due by 1 pm on Thurs, Nov 4.

Someone from your team must physically submit the project on a flash drive or external hard drive to Prof. Berkey-Gerard in Bozorth 134. He will be accepting projects from 12:15 pm – 1:00 pm, so come early to avoid the rush.

Late Work: Ten percent will be taken off all late projects on the first day. Your project is late if it is turned in after 1pm on November 4. Each day after November 4 will result in 5 percent taken off per day.

Each team will hand in three items:

·      Video exported in .m4v “Large 960 X 540” format

·      Still image captured from the video in .jpg format

·      A Word document with headline, two-three sentence teaser, and proper credits

All video projects must follow these guidelines to ensure that they are consistent and ready to publish on the web.

1. Back up your raw footage. Before you return your Flip cam, make sure to save all of your raw footage to your hard drive or computer. If your project crashes, you need to have the raw footage as back up.

2. Pick one computer for editing and use that for the whole project. iMovie saves to the hard drive of a specific computer, not to your personal files. So pick your computer well. You can save your project to an external hard drive if it is formatted for Mac. Under Help in iMovie search for “backup project on external hard drive” and it will walk you through the steps.

3. Import your video clips into iMovie using the Large 960 X 540 setting.

4. Add a Title Card for story headline and reporters’ names. Include the Exit #. Use Lower Thirds option, black background, and flush your text to the left.

For example, (flushed left):
Private Companies to Take Over Toll Collection: NJ Turnpike Exit 1
Video by Bobby Journalist and Jane Reporter

5. Use the “Transparent Black” Lower Thirds to introduce people. Those lower thirds should be centered. Make sure you have full names (first and last), occupation, and location.

For example (centered):
Joe Money, Toll Collector on NJ Turnpike, Exit 4

6. When you are finished editing, export and compress into web-ready format.
From Menu
>Export Movie
>Select Large Size  960 X 540
Save to as YourLastNameVideo.m4v

7. After you export, capture a still image from your video. This will be used as a thumbnail for the video player. Pick a compelling frame that informs the viewer and makes her want to click play. Remember: People are more interesting than objects.

To capture a still image:
Create a New Project – name it VideoStill.

In the lower part of your iMovie workspace, let your cursor hover over the video frame that you want to extract as a still image.
>Control key + click
From drop down menu, select “Add still frame to the project.”
The still frame will be added to your project as four-second clip.

In the upper editing window, put your cursor on your clip and click on the wheel icon.
Select Clip Adjustment
Set the duration for 0.1 seconds.

From the top menu
>Share>Export using Quicktime
Give it a name. Save it to your desktop.
Choose option “Movie to Image Sequence.”
Choose the preset export option: JPEG 29.97 fps.

Save. This will create about 6 images. Pick the best one.

Save it as LastNameThumb.jpg

8. Create a Word document and write your headline, a two or three sentence teaser, and proper credit for your video. This will serve as the introductory text for the web site.

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