Assignment III: Convergence Video Assignment: Turnpike Stories

Due Thurs, Nov 4

Students from Online Journalism 2 and On-Camera Field Reporting classes have been assigned to teams of two. Each team will work together to find a story related to the theme for the convergence project “Roads and Rails.” This specific assignment will focus on the New Jersey Turnpike – the most (in)famous road in the Garden State and a highway with a unique history, culture, and connection to the daily lives of New Jersey residents.

Each team will be assigned an exit: teams will cover Exits 00 to Exit 05 at the southern end of the turnpike. Two teams have been assigned to each exit. Your goal is to find unique, unexpected stories connected to your assigned exit. Each team will create a 1:20 video project “In Their Own Words” style of video story where reporter’s voice is not heard. Students must schedule reporting and editing time with each other. This will happen outside of the usual class time. The best video projects will be posted online as part of the multimedia magazine web site.

Before Oct 7 – Contact your teammate and discuss schedules and ideas
First week of Oct – Professors Berkey-Gerard and Kelley team teach classes
Oct 15 – Story pitch due by email
Nov 4 – Final video Due

Assignment Details:

1. Each team has been assigned a Turnpike Exit and given the names and emails of teammates.

2. Teammates should contact each other by email and discuss ideas and schedules before Oct 7.

3. The first week of October, Professor Berkey-Gerard and Professor Kelley will team teach in both classes, discussing the assignment, video shooting and editing techniques.

4. Each team should do preliminary research on the assigned Exit. Consider points of interest, surrounding towns, demographics, and previous news stories. A preliminary in-person visit to the Exit and surround area is recommended.

5. Each team will pitch a story idea via email to their professors. A story pitch should include story idea, angle, potential people to interview, and why it’s a visual story suitable for video. Story pitches are due by Oct 15.

6. Each team will go to the Exit and shoot video interviews and B-roll using a Flip camera.

7. The video will be edited in iMovie 09 which is available in the Bozorth 134, 132B, and 131 Mac Labs.

8. The final video must be exported as an .m4v video file and turned in via Flash drive.

The video project is due on Thurs, November 4. Both members of the team will receive the same grade. The assignment is worth 15 percent of the overall grade for the semester.

Grading Criteria:
-Teamwork with partner
-Story (angle, focus, newsworthy, well researched, accurate, organization)
-Quality of video shooting (framing, sound-bites, b-roll selection.
-Quality of editing (proper edits, lower thirds, sound, exported properly)

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