Assignment II: Audio Slide Show Profile

Due: Tuesday, Oct 18 at the end of class
Worth 15 points (Late = deduction of 3 points)

Objective: To create an audio slide show that profiles a New Jersey resident with a strong connection to the theme “Roads and Rails.”

Possible Subjects: People who attend car events, member of a motor cycle or car club, carnies, roadside farm stand, transit worker, state patrol, advocate for alternative transportation, car dealer, train conductor, trucker, owner of a drive in movie theater, etc.

Hitting the Ground Walking (LA Times)
Pullman Porter and Family Patriarch (LA Times)
Bus Depot Barber (
Subway Busker (

Grading Criteria:
•    An audio slide show profile of one person
•    Fits theme of New Jersey “Roads and Rails”
•    2 min or less
•    “In her own words” – No narration or sound of interviewer’s voice
•    Appropriate IDs of people: Name, age, location, occupation
•    No Rowan related subjects (students, employees, professors)
•    Quality of reporting (Did you go somewhere, meet someone, and put in effort to find a good story?)
•    Quality of audio (Good sound quality/smooth editing)
•    Quality of photos (Focus, framing, variety of shots)
•    Quality of editing (Pacing and synching of audio and photos)
•    Strong beginning: visual and audio
•    Strong ending: visual and audio
•    Is there an anecdote?
•    Is there is a moment of reflection?
•    Is there a story?
•    Word document with headline, teaser and proper credits
•    Files submitted in proper formats

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