Hallway Audio Exercise Instructions

In the Hallway Audio folder you will find five audio files:
• narration.wma (narration– see text below)
• doorfootsteps.wma (door opening then sound of footsteps)
• locker.wma (sound of locker closing…multiple times)
• talkinhall.wma (Sound of people talking in the hall)
• music.wav (a copy of Can’t Stand Losing You by the Police – 1981
• HallwayExerciseFinal.mp3 – so you can hear the finished product

The Assignment:
Convert your audio files. Edit and mix each segment to produce one 35 to 40 second audio story. Your goal is to tell the story of a man walking into Bozorth, seeing the sites, and hearing the sounds, and being transported back to junior high. Listen to the .mp3 to get an idea of what the final product should sound like.

Text of narration:
“For me, one of the strangest things about teaching at Rowan University is working in Bozorth Hall.

Each morning I enter the building through the back entrance. And I feel like I’m entering a junior high school.

The hallways are narrow and often crowded with students. There are old metal lockers and the bulleting boards with colored paper and cut out images and letters. Some times there are couples leaning up against the wall whispering to each other or even kissing.

So each morning when I walk in, I feel like I’m entering a time warp.

I get this nervous feeling in my stomach. All of a sudden, it’s 1983 and I’m 13 years old again.”

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