Tutorial 5: Audio Editing

Watch video How to Convert Audio Files Using Switch (3:45)

…then pick one of the following audio editing programs to master:

Garage Band (Mac)
Watch video overview  Garage Band Basics for Journalists (8:50)
Then read though GarageBand Podcast Setup and Overview for detailed instructions.

Audacity (PC and Mac)
Watch video overview Audacity Basics for Journalists (11:24)
Then read through Setting up preferences in Audacity (pdf) – these preferences must be set BEFORE you open your first audio file in Audacity
Superfast Guide to Audio Editing (pdf) – includes instructions for installing Audacity on your home computer. (Mindy McAdams)
Editing Audio with Audacity (Part 2) (pdf) – more detailed instructions (Mindy McAdams)
How to Use Audacity (Knight Digital Media Center)

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