Week 9

In class:
-Changes in assignments and grading
-Revised deadlines for upcoming assignments:

-Critique of audio slide shows
-Video 101 revisited
-Breaking down a video shot by shot
-Mid-semester grades and course evaluation

-Read Kobre Chap 10 – Shooting a Sequence and browsehttp://www.kobreguide.com/content/videojournalism#chap10
-Read Kobre Chap 12 – Writing a Script and browse
-Read Kobre Chap 13 – Editing the Story and browse

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Basics of Kodak Zi8 video camera

Find the following on the Kodak Zi8 (or your own camera) and figure out how to use them

____ ON button

____ USB connector

____ SD card. Make sure you have one.

____ DC-in Charging Jack

____ External Mic Jack (look for icon on side)

____ Adjust the distance/close up focus on the top of camera

____ Click on Camera button. Make sure it is set to 720/60fps (Best for sports and action)

____Click on Gear icon and find:

-Date and time (useful for finding your files later)

-Brightness (Sun icon)

-External Mic control (Mic icon) Adjust the volume. And test sound you are getting.

-EIS – image stabilization. Make sure it is on.


_____Record/Stop (Red button)

_____Zoom (Up/Down with Red button)

_____Playback (Rectangle with triangle button)

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Changes in assignments and grading

Note changes to the syllabus and assignments for the semester. See changes on Grading page:

To summarize:

  • I’m cutting the JavaScript/jQuery assignment.
  • I’m adding a new beat note assignment (worth 10 points)
  • I’m adding 5 points to the Final Project (now worth 25 points)
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Multimedia Beat Note 2

Due Wednesday, Nov. 5 at the end of class
Worth 10 points (No late work accepted)
Post all of your media to njsouthboundroughdraft.wordpress.com by end of class

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Group Video Project

Due Monday, Nov. 24
Worth 10 points
(20 percent off for late work)
Post to njsouthboundroughdraftwordpress.com by the end of class.

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Final Project

Worth 25 points

Deadlines: Each one must be met for full credit.

  • Final Project pitch due Mon. Nov. 24
  • Final Project rough draft due Wed., Dec. 3
  • Final Project final draft due Wed., Dec. 10


Create a compelling, professional level web feature on the Delsea Drive. You are looking for a story with characters, action, and motivation. You must be able to answer the question: Why is this story? Why is this a story that should be published now? Why is it compelling and worth sharing online?

You pick the media elements based on the story and what are the most compelling ways to present your story. You can use text, photos, audio, photo essay, audio slide show, video, map, or graphics.

You can work solo or in a team. If you have a team project, find a partner and let me know.

Your final feature should demonstrate what you have learned and skills you have gained in Online Journalism 1 and 2.

Grading Criteria:
-Quality of reporting (Did you go somewhere, meet people, and find a compelling story? All stories must include original reporting – you go somewhere, you talk to people, you learn something new)
-Quality of text or media
-Quality of editing and presentation
-Appropriate IDs of people. Full names, age, occupation or position, location.
-Strong beginning.
-Strong ending.
-Strength of profile or story. Is there an anecdote? Is there is a moment of reflection? Is this worth publishing and sharing?
-Files submitted in proper format (details TK)

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Week 8

In Class:
Quiz #3 on Monday, Oct. 20 on:

-Assignment 3: Audio Slide Show Due Wed., Oct 22 at end of class Friday, Oct. 24 at Noon

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